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If your question isn't included below, please get in touch with the team so that we can answer it for you. We're available over live chat or you can call 01722 323 814.


Ordering Process

What is the lead time on spray goods?

Our standard lead time is generally 7-10 days from order confirmation. We keep our customers updated throughout the process to ensure the goods arrive on site by the agreed delivery date.

We also offer a fast track service for an additional fee.

What do you have in stock?

We hold a wide range of standard products available in colours but sprayed goods are painted to order. Please call our sales office for details on 01722 323814.

If I send my house drawings to you, can you tell me what items I need?

If you send us elevations and roof plans with measurements, we do provide a take-off service and can liaise with your installer. However, the installer needs to check, amend and confirm the quantities of our estimation.

What happens after everything has been sprayed?

Your goods are individually wrapped and delivered to site by our own vans or a recommended carrier.


What colours are available?

The only limit is your imagination. Pick your perfect colour, we’ll match it.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

We have a trade counter where we keep a selection of samples. We can also send some samples to you through the post. Simply visit our Request a Sample page and complete the form.

I saw a photo on Instagram of a house and I would like to copy the colour scheme. Is that something you can help with?

We only colour-match physical samples as screens are known to distort colour. RAL 5015 may be the perfect colour on your screen but in daylight it might look completely different. After we receive the sample from you, we will colourmatch and spray in the exact colour but knowing the RAL or BS number of what you need is even better. Then, we will send out a physical sample before starting work so you can check that the colour is what you expect and that it will work for your project.

My door is painted in ‘Oval Room Blue®’ by Farrow & Ball and I would like my fascia boards painted in the same colour. Is that possible?

Yes. We can match any colour to spray roofline and rainwater goods as well as cladding and fascia & soffit. Colour-matching may increase lead times but we will keep you updated throughout the order process.

I found about your Any Colour option after I had already organised some fascia and soffit through my builder. Can you spray them for me?

We only spray roofline goods we supply to ensure the quality of products and finish.

Can you paint conservatories?

Yes. We can paint conservatories, roof bars, roof lanterns and all ancillaries before installation.


Can you recommend an installer?

We have some suppliers listed on our Find a Supplier page who are familiar with our products. Our goods can be installed by any person that has worked with upvc roofline materials previously.

Can you spray onsite?

Yes, our highly skilled team can provide onsite spraying. Please speak to a member of our team today.

My guttering needs replacing. Do you install your products?

We are distributors for roofline and rainwater goods but we do not install them.

Will your fascia boards fit to my house that was built in the 1970s?

Absolutely, we can supply a large range of different sizes and styles to suit every type of property.

Can I install lights into the soffit boards?

Yes, since the introdiction of LED lights which are cool to the touch, it shouldn't affect PVC materials. Please contact a qualified electrician, who can advise the best solution.

Do I need a special kind of guttering for my garage?

The guttering on a garage is the same on a house. We can colour-match the guttering, soffit and fascia boards just as easily on a garage.

I want to replace my fascia board but I don’t want to throw away the plastic guttering as it doesn’t leak and still looks good. Can the guttering be taken off and re-fitted?

We do not recommend re-fitting guttering as the seals usually will have perished. It may still look ok but taking it off and re-fitting would weaken the product and it may leak.


Will the paint peel off? How often will the goods need repainting?

The paint finish is guaranteed for ten years and won’t peel off. It is low maintenance – once on, you can forget about it and enjoy the new look of your home.

What maintenance is needed on sprayed goods?

These are low maintenance products. We recommend wiping with soapy water regularly to clean away grime and keep your colour looking fresh.

What is the difference between spraying and foiling?

Please see our recent blog post about spraying and foiling here. In a nutshell, foiling is a plastic overlay available in a limited range whereas spraying has the full spectrum of colour.

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